Final Euro 2016 between France and Portugal, Who will Win It?

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The Euro 2016 final is about to begin between France VS Portugal at State De France. Will it be France or Portugal be The Euro 2016 Champion? Both win in semifinal with score 2-0, but France win over 2014 World Cup Champion, Germany.

France has an advantage because they play in their own backyard. France as Euro 2016 host surely has ambition to win this Cup in their own backyard, and also maybe to heal their country from  a number of attacks.  France come with many young and talented players like Griezman, Pogba, Payet etc. Many young talented players mean more ambition and more energy to win this Cup. 

Portugal come with their mega star, Christiano Ronaldo who play in Real Madrid. Portugal also has huge ambition considering they have failed in 2004 in Euro Final in their country. And also maybe this is the last Euro Cup for Christiano Ronaldo in his career. Pepe and Ronaldo is the key players in Portugal. 

It will be interesting match in this final. Let's see which team has more determination, ambition and energy to win this Euro 2016 Cup. 
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