5 Fastest Police Car in The World

In many rich countries, there are many citizens have a super fast sports car, in fact there are some cities have so many sports car, like the city of Dubai in United Arab Emirates. This makes them able to drive a sports car very fast on the highway, usually involving several people. It can harm both other people and the driver of the car, remember the road is not a racing circuit. So that, the police in that country are armed with super fast cars also to be able to pursue and prosecute motorists sports car that sped away very fast on the highway. But not only the required maximum speed but acceleration from 0-100 km per hour is crucial to accelerate the vehicle in the city where there are many traffic lights, cars or other vehicles, the road turns, and other obstacles that make the stop and go of the vehicle.

Here's 5 fastest police car in the world that is shared by several countries.

1. Bugatti Veyron (UAE)

Police in the United Arab Emirates decided to arm a fleet of cars with a Bugatti Veyron to cope with the car owners who drive their super sport car in the roads like in the circuit. Bugatti Veyron is currently the second fastest car in the world under the Hennessey Venom GT. Bugatti Veyron can reach a maximum speed of 268 mph and a very fast acceleration, it  can reach 100 km per hour in 2.5 seconds, Wow isn't it? Bugatti Veyron price is 1.6 million dollars, very expensive, but for the country like United Arab Emirates especially city of Dubai, it is not a problem. So, dare to speeding in Dubai?

2. Ariel Atom (England, UK)

Ariel Atom British production is unique, this car practically half the car because this car is have no roof, it's similar to a formula racing car. The driver who frequent speeding in the UK have to think long to act, because the British police are equipped with car Ariel Atom. Ariel Atom can accelerate from 0-100 km per hour with a very fast, as fast as a Bugatti Veyron acceleration is just 2.5 seconds, with a maximum speed of 168 miles per hour. One of the most unique and fastest police car.

3. Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 (UAE)

Police Dubai Country United Arab Emirates have also another fastest vehicle is Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4. Lamorghini Aventador Dubai police have become the second fastest car. This super car can reach 100 km per hour from 0 only in 2.9 seconds. While the maximum speed of 217 Miles per hour. Be careful if you want to speeding in Dubai :)

4. Audi R8 GTR (Germany)

German state police have super fast police car too, they also have a supercar capable of pursuing the street racer with a supercar. They have an Audi R8 GTR. Audi R8 GTR is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 202 miles per hour and acceleration from 0-100 km per hour is achieved in 3.2 seconds. German car modification company ABT Sportsline Audi R8 GTR modified specifically for the German police, improve the ability of 5.2-liter V10 engine that can produce 620 horsepower, over its standard engine that produces 518 hp. This car is actually only for show only, to demonstrate how great the ability of the German police car.

5. Brabus Rocket (Germany)

Brabus Rocket is a modification of the usual Mercedes Benz. Brabus Rocket is able to compete with other sports cars, the German police wearing Brabus Rocket into one of the car fleet. Brabus Rocket is a modified version of home modifications Brabus sport affiliated with Mercedes Benz. Basically it is Mercedes Benz CLS V12 engine 5.5 liter and it increased to 6.3 liters. Improvement was also made to the suspension, brakes and automatic transmission. This improvement enables high performance, the maximum speed can be reach 225 miles per hour, acceleration from 0-100 km per hour is achieved in just 3.2 seconds, remarkable for a four-door salon sedan. German police cars Brabus Rocket is not to patrol, but as a model or guidance for the car modifiers in Germany in order to modify the car correctly, responsible and driving safely. Wow .
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