ZARA Owner Overtakes Bill Gates to Become The New Richest Man In The World

Amancio Ortega. Image from
Almost everyone in the world to call Bill Gates as the richest man in the world when asked who the richest people in the world. Over the last 20 years has been 17 times Bill Gates the richest man in the world. Bill Gates is the founder and owner of the company that produces software Microsoft Windows, which dominates the computer world.

Bill Gates is not the richest man in the world anymore. Amancio Ortega, owner of the giant company in the field of fashion with famous brand ZARA is the new richest people in the world. Amancio, Inditex owner, the holding company that oversees the brand ZARA, Massimo Dutti, and Pull & Bear, the famous fashion brands in the world. Amancio has thousands stores throughout the world.

Amancio Ortega now has a wealth of 79.5 billion dollars exceed the wealth of Bill Gates rulers computer business which has a total wealth of 78.5 billion dollars according to Fortune. Clothes have beat the computer at this time apparently. Both of these businesses that scrutiny is a business that produces goods which become the basic human needs, clothing and computers (software).

Wealth Amancio fluctuate quite often, Amancio previous years had exceeded the wealth of Bill Gates though only briefly. Bill Gates amounts of wealth relatively stable . But what makes the special Amancio as the richest man in the world is he only went to school until the age of 13 years. Due to poverty,  he could not attend school and had to work to help his family. It's amazing, isn't  it?

Father Amancio Ortega is a railroad worker in the city of La Coruna, Spain. Amancio Ortega started the business of world famous clothes from the living room of his house along with his ex-wife, Rosalia Mera. Amancio with his wife launched ZARA in 1975.

Amancio Ortega is special because his simplicity, everyday he only used occasionally wears a white shirt and a blazer, simple. Amancio a humble and has only minimal formal education can surpassed the wealth of a genius in the field of computers such as Bill Gates, and be the richest man in the world, making it very special.
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