Dog Golden Retriever 'Angel' be Hero, Save His Owner from Cougar

Dog as we know is man best friend. Dog loyal to their owner, even many dog save their master from disaster. They called hero too.  Dog like German Sheperd, Dobberman, Rottweiler, Dogo Argentino can save their master from any disaster, like bad people, or dangerous animal. 

But there's a dog, family dog, a Golden Retriever as we know a friendly dog can also save her master from a cougar. It happened in Canada, A boy saved by his female Golden Retriever 'Angel' from cougar attack. A female Golden Retriever, can you believe it? Awesome!. 

According CNN, On Saturday, Angel,18-month old golden retriever saved her owner from being attacked by a cougar while in the backyard of their home in Boston Bar, British Columbia, about 130 miles north of Vancouver. Angel leaped into action and threw herself between her owner, 11-year-old Austin Forman, and the cougar that was charging at him.

Sherri Forman, Austin's mother, said her son was outside with Angel around 5:30 p.m. gathering firewood from their backyard. She explained that Angel normally runs around and plays when she is outside, but on this afternoon she was behaving differently.

"He had come in at one point to tell me how cute Angel was being because she was sticking pretty close to him in the yard, which was unusual for her," Forman told CNN.

In hindsight she realizes that Angel was protecting her son from an unseen danger.

When the cougar charged, Angel ran to protect the boy.

"She intercepted the cougar," Forman said. "Austin came into the house very upset, and I had to get him to calm down so I could understand what he was saying. Finally he said 'there's a cougar eating Angel.'"

Angel and the cougar fought under the family's deck, while Austin's mother called 911 for help. A constable was in the area and able to make it to their home and kill the cougar quickly.

Forman said when her nephew pulled the cougar's body off Angel, who at first appeared fatally injured, the dog sucked in a "big breath of air and then got up." Ever the protector, Angel "walked to Austin, sniffed him to make sure he was alright, then sat down." Despite receiving a few deep bites and scratches Angel's prognosis is good.

"She had some pretty nasty injuries across the front of her head and neck" said veterinarian Jack Anvik who is treating Angel at the Sardis Animal Hospital. "If there had been enough time for the two of them together the cougar would have probably killed the dog," he told CNN.

Wow! So, any dog can help their master in many way. A Golden retriever like Angel can have bravery like A Dogo argentino too, which we know as special dog to fight a puma or cougar. So..Love your dog.
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