Portugal Winning Euro 2016 Trophy, Eventually Christiano Ronaldo and His Country Win Major Tournament in Football

Image from independent.co.ukPortugal Celebration  with Euro 2016 Trophy

Congratulation Portugal for winning Euro 2016 final beating France. This is their first ever win at major tournament. It's a bit unpredictable result, considering France is more favored to be the Winner of Euro 2016 final. And after 24 minutes of the game, Portugal even play without their mega star (one of the best player in the world beside Lionel Messi) Christiano Ronaldo due to injured. Ronaldo was taken off in minute 24' because he was injured after collision with France's midfielder Dimitri Payet. Portugal fans maybe was down when Christiano Ronaldo taken off and think they won't get the Trophy. 

The match didn't have any goal until 90 minutes and has to play extra time. Then Eder come as a hero, the Portugal's subtitution player make a long shot goal in extra time and the only one goal in that match. It's happen, Portugal winning Euro 2016 Trophy, and let France feel what Portugal felt in 2004 loss from Greece when Portugal as host in Euro 2004. Christiano Ronaldo tears of loser in Euro 2004 become tears  of winner in Euro 2016. This is the moment that Real Madrid key player has been waiting for a long time to win major event for his country, complete his career achievements as one of two best players in the world. 

Another player who has the biggest role for Portugal team is the goal keeper, Rui Patricio who succeed blocked many many shot from France player such as Antoine Griezmann or Moussa Sissoko. Eventhough he didn't chosen as The Best Player in that Euro 2016 final, Rui is one of Portugal hero in that match. 

One more time, Congratulation Portugal to win Euro 2016. 


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