Russian Tourist Killed by Saltwater Crocodile in Raja Ampat West Papua Indonesia

Sergey Lykhvar (37)
Something happened in Raja Ampat Papua Indonesia, the area has beautiful scenery including below the sea and remarkable flora and founa. This is the first time happened there. A Saltwater crocodile killed a man, Sergey Lykhvar (37) a touris from Russia. Sergey body was found floating on the coastline of Raja Ampat West Papua. A large saltwater crocodile looked trailling behind his body when search and rescue team was discovered him. 
They found Sergey 4 days after he was reported missing, his body torn a part and some of his body is missing. When they found him, one of his hand is missing and they saw bite marks in his hip. His body was found in the rocky sea and isolated and also have strong current.
Prasetyo Budiarto head of local search and rescue team said We believe he was killed by a crocodile judging from the missing body parts and the extent of his injuries, as reported by guardian, Saturday (02/04/2016).
Saltwater Crocodile
Sergey reported missing a day after he leave the hotel for snorchling around Minyaifun island. At that time he leave alone, without his friends and the guide. 
"We are still comunicating with Russian Embassy. Sergey's family are going to come to bring his body in Indonesia," Budiarto said. 
This is a warning, this beautiful area has another side that people should aware when go there and it's important to do scuba diving or snorchling with guide and not alone. Wish it will never happened again in the future. 

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