Lonely Dieying Stray Dog Is Helped, His Only Wish Eventually Come True

Ol Boy. Image of lifewithdogs.tv
A mongrel found dieying. He just lay weak with a wistful gaze at the roadside. She was very weak and full of sore all over his body. He was rescued by a young man, after 3 days howled in pain. When it was discovered his body smells like a dead rat.

Mongrel was born in the streets and the rest of his life living on the streets. Living alone on the streets without ever feeling the heat at home. These dogs often drank only water droplets AC fell to the floor outside the shops. Eat only of giving shopkeeper sorry for him.

They don't know what makes him full of sore, maybe fight with other dogs. When rescued, all over his body also found a lot of ticks and fleas. The dog was then taken to a veterinary clinic. After inspection it turns out the dog was experiencing some health problems. He got fever because of ticks, wound infection, do not have the energy, and the possibility of having cancer. From his body removed hundreds of fleas and ticks. His body was very weak and could not walk even for a drink had to be fed with a syringe by a rescuer. Actions carried out by treating the fever ticks and giving blood transfusions because malnutrition.

Ol Boy got up for the last time
The dog was dying and does not seem to have much time left. He was very uncomfortable and pain. The rescued dog named Ol Boy.

Finally, the dog was taken to the rescue of a young man and his brother. They want to give comfort to the dog's last before he died. There the dog was the first to feel the warmth and feeling loved by a family in a house, he was certainly happy in my heart in the midst of pain. He was the spirit drink of bribes savior. Male rescuers and his brother always accompany her when she cried and felt sick. It is remarkable the attention of rescuers these dogs, they really become a family for the dog. They want to give comfort and affection to the dog in his final moments.

Finally at 2 am, the dog woke hold his head and drank themselves from a bowl of water for the first time since he was found sick and for the last time. At 4 am he was gone for good, go with the calm and happy in a home with people who love him wholeheartedly. He was treated the same as other dogs, his body wrapped in a clean white cloth, were given a beautiful flower matarhari at his side and then cremated.

Ol Boy die eventually with happiness. His wish is come true at the end of his life, stray dog who throughout his life living on the streets, alone without a family.

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Love your dogs and your pet and if you see a stray dog, the dog may remember from hunger and thirst like street dogs in this true story. Please share this true story.

RIP .. Goodbye Ol Boy .. We love you too ..: ')

Source: lifewithdogs.tv
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