Cutes Golden Retriever Puppies Slidding For Dinner

Every puppy has his or her own unique and adorable qualities, but there’s a reason that so many people go wild over golden retrievers. People often choose goldens because when they grow up, they usually have good temperaments, they’re extremely loyal, and they don’t have too much energy, making them great family pets.

Yet when they’re small, there’s usually just one reason people want a teeny, tiny golden retriever: to hold them as close as possible!

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle a little ball of fluff like these babies?

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According to their Facebook page, Enchanted Retrievers is a breeder of top quality English cream golden retriever puppies. If you’ve ever owned a pup, you know training them can be a lot of hard work, so we can only imagine what the Enchanted Retrievers crew faces everyday with their big litters.

That’s why they came up with a special method of attack for when it’s time for the pups to eat.

“One of our socialization programs of imprinted recall is giving puppy obstacle(s) when coming to dinner.” Enchanted Retrievers wrote on YouTube.
“By giving obstacles and textures we can form a conditioned response to a recall for a lifetime.”

Introducing new these new experiences helps condition the pups for a long life of being able to handle stressful situations. It’s a great technique, especially for dogs being used as service animals.

However, Enchanted Retrievers wrote that they never knew their idea was going to result in the precious video below!

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