As we know TOP GEAR is the most popular automotive program in the world. This program made by BBC 2, UK. The popularity makes USA, Australia, and Korea make their own TOP GEAR, affiliate with TOP GEAR UK. But, I think the most popular is TOP GEAR UK, with three hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. The popularity of TOP GEAR is like The Beatles in music or James Bond in movie. They all can be called The British Invasion.

The other personnel is Stig the test driver. Top Gear is unique, it's different from the others TV automotive program. The others automotive program show only describe the car or motorcycle. Meanwhile, Top Gear is like a movie, action plus comedy. It's not common automotive program, there are story not only describe a car, so we won't boring watch it. The hosts have different character. Jeremy Clarkson, the tallest, his character is a bit arogan and often short thinking. He judge a car 90% by the POWER, he think the good car is a car with huge power, sometimes he's wrong. Sometimes he pick the wrong car just like when he pick a porsche for an ambulance, it gone wrong in many way. Then, he hate motorbike, the opposite with Richard Hammond who like motorbike a lot beside car. His speciality is driving a car in a race against his two companions with public transportation, just like in Japan and Europe. His role is to defend the honor of the car as the best transportation..hahaha. Oh ya...one more...there are words that always he says when he make intro for test by Stig, "some say..".

Then Richard Hammond nickname "hamster" because of his teeth maybe..lol. Richard Hammond is the short one, he is a cheer man, sporty, and sometimes be the victim in test of some cars. He sometimes get the lowest mark in car test. Hammond like all about American, the car or country style, and he loves motorbike and also hellicopter. He is the only one who like sport, and don't mind to run or riding bicycle.
The Last host is James May, he is the smartest ( i guess) of them. He always think clever, sistematically, and don't like racing. I think he is The "Nerd" one. He never want to run for anything. He love classic car and history. His knowledge about Physic and Math is remarkable. James May like classic british man, calm, smart look, doesn't like rumble.

TOP GEAR has become british inovasion in their TV program, but they refer to HOLLYWOOD MOVIE, they made automotive program like American movie, show action and also have humour in it. They don't mind to crush cars, caravan, or truck or else. They sometimes blow something in their episode, just like American movie. They often make challenge that so hard to do, like make amphibi car to across the Dover strait, from Dover UK to calais in France, or make an ordinary car to just like a caravan. The chalenge motto is ambisious but rubbish. The other episode, they do an epic journey like in Africa to find true source of The Famous Nile River (one of two the longest river in the world), or in USA with cheap American used car, middle east, and the last time is in South America to go to the southest American(Patagonia series).

Top Gear in Africa across the river

Top Gear in Africa

Top Gear in South America, Patagonia journey

The journey often with not appropriate car, that make more interested to watch i think. Many people love that kind of show, there's no other automotive program like TOP GEAR. That's make TOP GEAR is popular.

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