BMW is always be the main competitor of the other Germany Giant Car Producers, Mercedes Benz. Both are well known as premium car, that associated with succes.
BMW associated with sporty and driving comfort. It look in the design, exterior and interior. BMW look slim, dynamic, and sporty...and look more thin than Mercedes Benz. Whereas Mercedes Benz look bigger, fatter, and elegant. BMW is designed for who love to drive, whereas Mercedes Benz designed for who like comfort as passenger. 
The exterior of BMW always with thin lamp, and thin grill, The Mercedes always with big lamp and bigger grill. But lately Mercedes Benz lamp thinner than before, but still bigger than BMW's lamp. BMW have iconic grill design.. with two holes grill which the trademark of BMW. 

BMW 5 Series


Otherwise, Mercedes Benz recognized by one hole big grill with Mercedes Benz Logo. The Mercedes Benz was designed to look elegant for who need car to look as succes people, the segmen is executive people who has driver to drive the car while they enjoy the ride or do something for their bussines or work. But latest Mercedes Benz designed to look sporty too.
BMW designed to have better handling because of the aerodynamic and the optimum weight distribution ratio. Mercedes Benz designed to be an elegant luxurious car but also have power inside the machine. But for those like to drive fast, BMW have complete weapon for them.

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