Euro 2016, Italy beat Spain in Knock Out Round

Spain lose to Italy in last 16 Euro 2016, 2 - 0. (Source pic : Reuters)
The Big Match between Spain VS Italy is finish, this time Italy win the match with 2-0. There's something different in this game compare to Euro 2012 final vetween this two team. In 2012 Spainn dominated the match make Italy like begineer, Spain looks like teached Italy how to play soccer. In today match in Euro 2016, Italy is more superior than Spain. Italy succeed with their strategy, catenaccio. They are discipline in defense with many player in their defense area and also in marking Spanish players. 

Spain looks lose their "Tiki Taka" in this match, and bad in defense. They were sometimes looks loss coordination in defense and don't have enough fighting spirit to win this match. Maybe because most of players of Spanish team is older now, much older. Spain dominated by players which has play in the last 8 years since 2008 World Cup. I think Spain has to think to change key players with the younger in defense or back player and midfielder player. Spain also has to find sharper attacker to finish their attack.

Conte, Italy team coach, has succeed to implemented their legend strategy "Catenaccio", maybe it's not great to looks but effective. I think the next opponent of Italy, German, should becareful with their "Catenaccio". 
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