Spain VS Italy in Knock Out Round Euro 2016

Spain Euro 2016 Football Team
Great war about to start in a minute, a war between "Tiki Taka" vs "Catenaccio". It also a war between the "Superior team", Spain, the champions of 3 titles from 4 biggest tournament of football, Euro and World Cup in last 8 years and a contender and ex Superior team, Italy.

Spain has a mission to prove that they still have power as the "Superior" football team in the world, in the other side, Italy has mission to prove they are not a looser again. 
Italy Euro 2016 Football Team
Spain still has a number of key players in their team in the last 8 years which play in 4 big tournament since 2008, such as Iniesta, Sergio Busquet, Gerard Pique, David Silva and Sergio Ramos. Spain come with new starter keeper, De Gea from Manchester United. De Gea still has to prove his ability to play in this tournament. Spain and Italy will come with one lose, Spain  from Croatia and Italy lose from Ireland. 

It will be a great match and it is hard to predict which team will win this Euro "Big Match". Is Tiki Taka will win or Catenaccioa will win? Take your popcorn or peanuts or potato chips and let's watch the big match. 
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