Shocking!! Justin Bieber New Career, Boxing

Justin Bieber when He was a Good Boy in 2010
Is boxing Bieber's new  career? Justin Bieber was get slammed in his fight against big man, about 190 meters height,in front of his hotel in Cleveland. He tried to punch the big man and then suddenly he ended up in the ground. How can it happen? The Big man, Lamont Richmond, ask Justin for autograph, but Justin refuse it and say something bad to him. Then they shoving each other before fists start to fly in the fight.

What's wrong with Justin? He looks 180' degree different from his younger image when his "Baby" song become hit in 2010. Justin image change from good boy become bad boy. Is this the negative effect of his riches and popularity in showbiz? Or he is now has some problem in his life? Justin Bieber image now is bad for his fans, and for youth generation. It's not a good example a celebrity like him show violence.

Here are the photos : 

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