How Often You Meet 96 Years Old People still Work? Meet Grandma Lindu

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How often you meet 80-90 years old people still work? Very rare, i am sure. People in that age commonly have retired and maybe hard to remember or even move. Some retired and live in nursing home.

But in Yogyakarta Indonesia, there's a 96 years old grandma still work. Her name is Setya Utomo, or also called 'Mbah Lindu', Mbah is simillar with Grandma.  She sell food, gudeg food. Gudeg is food from yogyakarta, it's popular there and also in all over Indonesia. gudeg is consist of rice, krecek sambal, bacem egg, bacem tempe, and chicken opor. It's delicious, it taste sweet, sour, and spicy, but sweet is dominan. For information, from the beginning until now, she still cook the gudeg herself. 

Mbah Lindu has been selling gudeg since 1940's. Her gudeg is popular, not only in yogyakarta city, but also in other city in Indonesia even popular among tourists. The way she sell now is very simple, she sell in a little security  pos in front of Grage Ramayana Hotel in Sosrowijayan street, Yogyakarta Indonesia. But before that, she sell gudeg by pickaback the bakul, a kind of basket for place of the food, and walk around a part of the city with her husband. Amazing! She open from 5 AM to 10 AM only, It's mean her gudeg is for breakfast time. 

Why she still work selling gudeg in 96 years old of age? She said, she has to work every day and if she doesn't work, her body will get ill. She even still has sharp memory. So, maybe by working every day, have activity everyday people can be like Mbah Lindu, still strong and active untill 96 years old or even older. 

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