A Girl Raped and Killed by teenager gang. Watchout!! Predators are Everywhere

Yuyun, 14 years old girl (the victim)

14 monster have rape and killed a little girl, Yuyun, in Bengkulu-Indonesia. Yuyun is 14 years old girl, junior high school student, walked miles from her school to her home when it happen. This 14 male teenager ambushed her and rape her alternately then killed her with cold blood.  It was brutall!! It make people angry and heartbreaking to know what they did to Yuyun and Yuyun parents is the most feel that. It was a darkest and horrifying nightmare to them, how shattered their hearts to know that their child that born from her mother and raised, loved by them and suddenly raped and killed by these 14 monster. 

This incident occured on Saturday, April 22, 2016, at aroud 11.30 am. That day, the suspects monster gathered at home of a suspect identified as DE and they drink alcohol. Then at around 12:30 pm, 14 drunk suspects out of the house and sat on the curb rubber plantation in the village. About 13:31 pm, the suspects who gathered on roadside, saw the victim (Yuyun) walk alone to go home. The distance from school to Yuyun house is about 1 km and crossed the road of rubber platations. Those monster saw Yuyun and directly intercept and locked her up. Yuyun had beaten using wood according a source, andbound hand and foot, then her neck choked. Then they rapped her in turns, some supspects do it several time. This is beyond our imagination, how these young monster do such a saistic thing to a girl. What they are thinking? 

It is a horrible thing for every people. Those monster has raped and killed somebody child, killed the future of a child, the life of Yuyun. What we need to do know is hope and punish them by the law. And we wish and it should be, those monster get max punishment. So that people don't do something like this in the future.

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