How to Make Your Dog Happy

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How to make your dog happy? Many People who have dog don't know how to treat their dog well. Dog live with us as a pack, they need a good leader. Some people treat their dog badly so the dog live in sorrow. Dog give their life to their owner, we need to give them back. We need to know how to treat the dog and make them happy live with us.

These are things to do to make your dog is happy :

1. Respect them.

If you treat dog like a machine or a tool, you will not treat them well. You just need them as a thing. You need pay attention to them, and respect them. How to respect them? Just give them award to good thing that they do, give them good food, enough water for them, good place for sleep, etc.

2. Take Them Walk

If you have time to take your dog walk or run is very good. But by just playing ball with them or play anything with them it makes them happy.

3. Don't Take Their Food or Water while they Eat or Drink.

Don't disturb them when they eat or drink by taking them from your dog, it makes them confuse , frustated and angry. You need to respect them when they eat or drink.

4. Don't Yell to Dog

Yelling to dog will not make things better. Dog do understand you angry when you yell at them, but they don't understand what you say. So, you wasting your time by yell at them. They don't understand what they do wrong. It makes them sad and afraid. Just give them warning by your act.

5. Don't Leave Them too Long

Dog need to close to their pack, they are social animal. If you leave them it makes them sad and feel lonely. They will frustated and confuse. Leave them with somebody who can take care of them if you have to leave them alone for a long time. 

Do all that will make your dog happy and feel lucky to have you in their life. 
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