Wonderful life of Charlie, a Deaf Dalmatian Unwanted by Owner Anymore

Have you heard about wasted dog? In the street or even at somebody home by their owner? It so sad when we see dog wasted by their owner. The owner have no resposibility and heart to their dog, but the dog always love their owner. It's not fair at all. 

Charlie is one of the many dogs who wasted their owners and are in the list of euthanasia. But it turns out life is still in favor of Charlie, he met Colleen, five days before he was 'put to sleep' forever. Charlie was so lucky, thanks God for that.

Colleen is the new owner of Charlie which not only gives Charlie a new life, but also give charlie the love that she always told to Charlie. Colleen doesn't speak with words, because Charlie's ear can not hear. But through a beautiful moment of togetherness, as well as through a sign language taught. Charlie is now able to understand about 30 commands in sign language.

Not only that, Charlie even appeared in GQ magazine, as well as a variety of ads starring him. Charlie has also become an inspirational figure for other dogs who have a disability like him. Charlie never imagined when he was so very meaningful, Colleen has helped to reroute live in true happiness with Colleen his new owner. Far from the vanity. What a wonderful ending to Charlie.
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