Dog Live on Street with Doll as His only Friend and Family

A dog sleeping comfortably huging a doll thigt. It seems clearly that the black-haired dog homeless, no family waiting for him to go home, live on street alone. Life is a hard struggle in the street to get food, and seems he get peace when he got sleep together with a doll in the arms. Maybe to him , the doll is his only family and best friend in his life on street. The doll seemed to come out of the bin when the dog was looking for food. Maybe some girl doll that is no longer desired so disposed, but turned out to be a figure that is so valuable for dogs that could be removed from affection. And now be the only friend for her, which gives calm and peace until the dog was asleep.

One day Yvette Holzbach, a photographer who is also the owner of the dog shelter Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward in Houston, accidentally found the dog and felt touched by the spectacle that he saw. Then he capture in a photograph that makes touched the dog lover. A dog is wasted that is "friendly" with a doll wasted, and make him happy.

The dog now have a place in the shelter managed by Yvette, who also has helped hundreds of street dogs to get home and families who love them wholeheartedly.
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