3 Anti Aging Fruits

Every human being, especially women want to have a healthy and beautiful body. To realize this dream, it is necessary for us to maintain, protect and treat the body very well. One of the things you can do to keep your body healthy and beautiful, is to utilize a healthy fruit. As reported by the website happydieter.net, there are some healthy fruit as well as very well as anti-aging or can prevent premature aging. Here is a healthy and delicious fruit that can also help you stay young.

1. Blueberry.

Purple fruit contains many nutrients and vitamins that are good for health and beauty of the body, especially the skin. Antioxidants contained in blueberries are able to combat premature aging. Anthocyanins contained in blueberries can be said to help improve memory, intellectual brain and prevent Alzheimer's. Blueberries can be consumed directly or make a fruit juice.

2. Carrots.

 Carrots can be used as well as fruit and vegetables, carrots have tremendous benefits for beauty and health, especially to prevent premature aging. The orange color in carrots proves that this fruit vegetable is high in beta-carotene. This beta-carotene that can make a person stay young. Vitamin A and C in carrots is able to maintain and boost the immune system. Not only that, nutrients that contained in carrots is able to create a physically and psychologically always very healthy.

3. Tomatoes.

Similar to the blueberry fruit or carrots, tomatoes also become one of the fruits that can make young. Tomatoes contain enough antioxidants which can prevent heart disease and cancer risk. Several studies have also mentioned that tomatoes contain lycopene compound where the compound helps the skin is always protected from the dangers of sun exposure and prevent damage to collagen in the skin.

Ok, that's three healthy fruit that can help you always stay young, healthy and beautiful maximum. In addition to the three above, some other fruits such as avocado, citrus fruits, strawberries and mangosteen fruit also have the same benefits. So, do not forget to always eat fruits and healthy vegetables to get ageless body and away from the risk of premature aging. In order to always stay young, do not forget to have regular exercise and drinking enough water, and do not smoke.
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