How To Smooth Facial Skin Naturally

Every woman wants to have a smooth and clean face. But the daily activities with the makeup and the sun and pollution make the skin become dirty and rough. Don't worry, there are ways to smooth facial skin back naturally.

Below are some natural ingredients to smooth the skin and how to apply. What are the ingredients and how to apply? Consider the following:

1. Honey Mask

Honey is a viscous liquid like syrup that is usually produced by insects, especially bees. Honey is usually used as a sweetener in foods, jam bread and even herbs. But there are other uses for the honey that is the beauty of the skin. The content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant very suitable for moisturizing the face. In addition to moisturize the face of honey can also be used to soften the skin.

Here's how to make a honey mask to smooth the skin:

• Apply honey to the entire surface of the face.

• While you can also dab a little massage.

• Let stand for about 30 minutes.

• Once dry you can clean with cold water to add to the freshness of your face.

You can repeat this treatment once a week. But you should only use honey to make a facial mask it.

2. Mask Coffee

Maybe some of you are a coffee lover. But do you know if the coffee is not just nice to enjoy a drink only. Coffee also could be material to soften the skin. The trick to making it as a natural scrub. Also makes it very easy. Simply put a few spoonfuls of coffee into a cup. Give a little water, stir and rub it gently to the face. Let dry for a few minutes. After drying rinse with water until clean. In addition to using the coffee is still dry, you can use a used coffee which has been brewed. But make sure you do not sugar-coat when brew it.

3. Egg White Mask

Egg whites are usually very tasty when cooked into a dish. In addition to delicious made dishes, egg white was also able to soften the skin. Eggs have many active substances that are useful for treating skin. But not just any eggs that are used to soften the skin. The eggs used are chicken eggs.

How to use it easily. First, separate the contents of the egg between yellow and white. After that, apply egg white to your face. Wait for a while to dry. Once dry, rinse with clean water. For maximum results, you can rub ice cubes. In addition to smooth, turned out the eggs also beneficial for skin lightening. Use egg white mask on a regular basis so that your skin can be smooth well.

4.  Banana 

Banana is one type of banana that is preferred by many people. But apparently this fruit can smooth your rough skin. How to make a mask of bananas is easy. Quite smooths some ripe bananas. After a smooth surface apply on your face. Once dry, you can rinse it with water until clean.

That's the natural ingredients that you can use to smooth the face skin. Besides of these natural materials are also available almost everywhere. The price is certainly cheap. If you can smooth the skin at home easily and inexpensively, why should go to the clinic even beauty salon? Simply use a natural treatment and this is cheap, you are able to soften the skin. Those are a few tips for you. May be useful.
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