How to Get Rid The "Disgusting" Cockroaches

Everybody know cockroach and see it in their house maybe.  Cockroaches are not the beautiful creatures, they are disgusting. Commonly we find it in the toilet or the kitchen. It's not fun experience when we meet them, especially when they fly.

So How to get rid the cockroaches? Here are 7 methods to get rid them.

1. Bombs, sprays and baits

There’s a broad range of cockroach killers available in the supermarket or hardware store – the standard cockroach bomb, which involves setting off a gas “bomb”, shutting the doors and leaving it for a few hours; surface sprays; and station and gel baits. Ongoing treatments are generally needed to get rid of a stubborn infestation.

2. The ‘Vegas Trap’

Apparently named for its appearance on a Las Vegas news broadcast, the Vegas Trap is a simple DIY trap that doesn’t involved insecticides. The general idea is to use wet coffee grounds to bait cockroaches into a larger jar or container with water in it, where they drown. When you’ve collected enough cockroach corpses, tip out and repeat.

3. The natural approach

Continuing on the “no-insecticide” theme, you could also try sticky baits or essential-oil based repellents. Sticky baits use a sweetened bait to lure the roaches onto a sticky surface where they get, well, stuck, and eventually die. Aside from dealing with lower-level infestations they can also be handy in working out cockroach distribution.

For essential oils – tea tree, cyprus and peppermint have all been suggested to discourage all been suggested to discourage cockroaches and if nothing else, it’ll make your house smell nice. Additional steps you can take to support your extermination efforts include sealing up cracks and entry points, installing flyscreens and getting rid of clutter and particularly any cardboard lying around – they’re apparently quite fond of it.

4. Borax and an onion

You can make home-made cockroach baits using the humble household onion and borax or boric acid. If you don’t want to sacrifice a whole onion, using spare bits and ends from the onion. Note: Boric acid is toxic to humans and animals so exercise caution.The 
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5. Encourage an ecosystem

Cockroaches do have natural predators, including everybody’s favourite spider buddy, the large, flat and not-that-venomous huntsman. Killing your household spiders can lead to an increase in pests can lead to an increase in pests, so rather than taking to them with a thong and a sense of purpose (see below) it may be better to let them roam. Ditto lizards such as the blue tongue, which might help itself to your backyard cockroach population.

6. Hit them with a shoe

The sixth method is depending on how good your reflexes are, by hit them with shoe or sandal. Magazines and rolled up newspapers are also a popular weapon, and shouting encouragement such as “Just die already!” is optional.

7. Hire a professional

After all, it is their job and they know what they’re doing. For a serious infestation this might be your best bet.
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