5 Reason Why Someone Fall In Love With You, Base on Phsycology Research

Love is a Mistery? Many people say that. How people fall in love? According some phsycology research in several country, How you raised, your interests, and hormons, influence to who You fall in Love with. But also, who fall in love with You.

These are 5 Reason Why Someone Fall In Love With You, Base on Phsycology Research :

1. Have Similarity with You.    

Some says, that contrary is interesting. But Gian Gonzaga, one of writer of study case of couple that meet by eHarmony disagree. Due to His study, couple which have many similarity, such as personality, is more suitable in daily life. Gonzaga said It will make the couple more understand each other.

2. Like your "Smell"

Due to Southern California University study, women in fertile period like sweat smell of men T-shirt, which contain high volume testoteron hormon. This is match with another instinc that base on hormon influence. A number of women prefer to man with strong jaw when they are in fertile period. 

3. Like your "Body Language"

Experts agree that body language speak louder more than words. If you always put your hand in pocket, back is not straight, you eyes look bored and your shoulder thrust forward, You give signal that you are not interested. If you move your hands when you talk, and stand with your body is open, You give signal that you ready to talk or make conversation.

4. Looking on eyes for 2 Minutes

A Psycolog from Massachusetts University Joan Kellerman make a research to 72 people that completely don't know each other. They picked out a couple then asked to looking each other's eyes for two minutes. Then They report they like their "mate" more than before. It shows, looking at each other cause contact with others, even the feeling of love.

5. If You Have A Dog

University of Michigan make research to a number of women who read the description of someone. If the person has a dog, for those that person is attractived for the long term. The following research hypothesis: people who have a pet give signal that they have a sitter character, and have tendency that able to maintain a commitment to a long term relationship. People also looked more relaxed and happy.

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