12 Great Things about Golden Retriever You Should Know


12 Great Things about Golden Retriever You Should Know

1. There is no dog sweeter than a Golden Retriever.

2. Golden Retrievers make friends with anyone with zero discrimination.

3. Golden retriever has the super power of always being happy, upbeat and appreciative.

4. The most adorable puppies are Golden Retriever puppies.

5. The concept that Golden Retrievers retrieve things is obviously cliché – but let’s not forget how much they love it.

6. Golden Retriever will let you know she’s bored… in her own special way.

7. Sometimes Golden friend does questionable things and it’s chalked up to her quirky personality.

8. You will never find a more loyal, loving companion than A Golden Retriever.

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9. There will never be a day that Golden Retriever doesn’t want to hang out with you and be best friends.

10. You’re able to make a replica of Golden Retriever… and frequently mini golden hair balls tumble across your floor.

11. The patience A Golden shows their owner is irreplaceable.

12. Like every dog A Golden needs water – more than likely… she also wants nothing more than to play in it.

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