5 Most Beautiful Female Racers in The World

There are many female racers nowaday, they are as brave as the male racers and certainly have excellent driving skill for race. But they are not just have guts to drive car very fast but some of them are very beautiful. Here are 5 most beautiful female racers in the world.

5. Susie Wolff.

Susie Wolff has competed in the Formula Renault, Formula Three, and DTM series. Susie is from Scotland. She is 33 years old, she atart racing from early age in 1996 on British Kart Race and she named as British Kart racing of The Year. She has race in various race type, 
British Formula "A" Championship, Formula renault, Formula 3, DTM, and Formula one as Test and development driver. She is currently a development driver for a Formula One team partially owned by her husband.

4. Milka Duno.

Milka Duno is one of the unique female racer in the world. She is not just a beautiful racer but she is smartest in education too. She has four master's degrees isn’t exactly the fastest woman around the track. But she’s definitely the smartest with four master’s degrees. Can you believe it? She’s competed in various racing series since 1998, and is the most experienced driver in IndyCar history without a top 10 finish. This Venezuelan beauty has many racing fans because she is friendly and always smile for the fans and have fun personality.

3. Maryeve Dufault.

Maryeve Dufault was a model before become a racer. She got named Miss Hawaiian Tropic International in 2000 to become the first winner from Canada. This Canadian hottie has been featured in a number of different magazines and TV shows many times. Not like other women in the world especially a model one that use their money for beauty and girly fancy thing, Maryeve uses her income from modeling to fund her racing career, where she finished in 16th place in the 2011 ARCA series points standings. What a beauty she is.

2. Shannon McIntosh.

It’s hard to believe, this 26 years girl really races cars. She began with Cape Motorsports with Wayne Taylor Racing in 2011. In fact  In 2012, McIntosh was the only female competitor in the US F2000 National Championship and the only American female in The Road to Indy. She finished 18th in points in the 2012 U.S. F2000 National Championship. She is one of the fastest women on track. I think race blood was in her body since she was born. Beautiful girl and has guts to race on race such as indy.

1. Danica Patrick.

I think Racer fans surely know about this female racer, Danica Patrick. Danica Patrick is the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. She recently made the switch from IndyCar to NASCAR, but she’s looking right at home in stock car racing. Danica took the pole and a top 10 finish at the 2013 Daytona 500. She huge number  of endorsements deals because of her “girl next door” good looks. This American girl is 29 years old.
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