How To Prevent Cancer Diseases (Universal)

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Almost everybody know that cancer is deadly disease. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cancer is second deadliest disease. It makes people scare to cancer, and people wish they and their family and everyone who they love never get cancer in their entire live. In almost every people mind cancer can make people die soon. Cancer is one of disease that can rapidly growth to high level of illness. It's hard to treat or cure cancer, too hard sometime cause usually will take long and pain treatment.

It's better to prevent cancer rather than cure it. Preventing cancer is more easy than the treatment. There are 3 steps to preventing cancer as reported by Health Me Up (19/02).

1. Diet

Diet is first step to prevent cancer. What we eat is affect our body and health. We need to eat food that rich of antiocidant, fiber, and protein. Those things are needed by cancer patient too. We don't need extra chemical in our food that can make cancer. We must limited or even zero carcinogenic in our food. We have to eat a lot of vegetables (including green vegetables) and fruits in our daily food. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of fiber and vitamins. Fiber is very good for our digestion, it will help digest and also clean our digestive organs. Fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidant that can prevent cancer disease. See detail about antioxidant Here . It will better if we eat organic vegetables and fruit because it doesn't use chemical fertilizer.

Over consumption of red meat can increase the risk of cancer. It's better eat white meat such as fish, chicken, duck, turkey and other fowl meat. Don't grill food with charcoal, because it contain carsinogenic material that can cause cancer. Then consumption a lot of water to clean our body from chemical and poison. Water also help digestion and constipation.

2. Exercise

One of the factor that increase the risk of cancer is obesity. Obesity can make peolpe get risk to get cancer such as colon cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, pancreas cancer, etc. Fat effect proseses that regular cancer cell growth. Fat tissue produced higher amounts of estrogen, it's not good because it can drive development of some cancer such as breast cancer an endometrial cancer. People should control their body weight by exercise. Exercise will burn fat and make our body more healthy. 

3. Mental Health

Stress and depretion is bad for our body because mental condition can affect to our body health.   Bad condition of mental  will decrease of our mental and body health, it will decrease our immune system. Immune system is very important to prevent us from cancer.

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