8 Top Earning Artist in The World

Taylor Swift (Photo from bbc.co.uk)

Many Artist get high earnings. Artis get money from many thing such as sell albums, show, TV, sponsor, itune from apple, etc.The top earnings artist in the world in 2015 is released by forbes. 

Here are 8 Top Earning artist in the wolrd :

1. Katty Perry       $ 135m
2. One Direction       $ 130m
3. Garth Brooks       $ 90m
4. Taylor swift       $ 80m
5. The Eagles       $ 73.5m
6. Calvin Harris       $ 66m
7. Justin Timberlake    $ 63.5m
8. Diddy                $ 60m

From this 8 top earning artist, there are 2 country artist, Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift which is now we can call as country-pop arist. The older artist like The Eagles band also still in top 5, is surprising they still can get high earning. There is one Boy Band from England in top 2, One Direction with $130m. There's one R n B artist in top 8, Diddy with $60 m. Over all the top earning artist is dominated by pop artist and artist in teenager or young people segmen. 
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