Love is Dangerous When We Love The Wrong Person, Like This British Woman Who Bought and Sold as Sex Slavery

People fall in love in many ways. When people fall in love with the right person, the person that we know well and a person that has good personality surely they will respect us and protect us from bad thing, especially for woman.  But when we choose the wrong person it will be dangerous and horrifying. Sometime people love someone who doesn't have good personality and still feel that he/she the right one. People with bad personality can do bad thing to a woman that love him, they often don't have no mercy and drag the woman to  horrifying life. It's so sad to see people trap in such a terrible thing like that.

A British woman name Megan Stephens (not real name) has just told her sad story, very horrifying story in her teenager life to Her story is so horrify beyond people can imagine. She (now 25 years old) told them how when she was teenager when she was 14 years old she trapped in prostitution and be a whore, a sex slave. She worked in a brothel for six years from age of 14.

Here is the story, it began when she travel to Greece for holiday with her mother. When she travel to Greece, she stay in a resort with her mother and then one day she meet an Albanian man name Jak (according She was happy when she met jak and the teenager fall in love with him in such  young age. She thought that Jak was really fall in love sincerelly with her too. When her mother know about that, her mother thought that her little daugther has found her 'True Love'. Her mother left her daughter stay for a while in Athena with her dughter's new boyfriend Jak. Then Megan's mother go back to UK and left her daugther keep stay in Greece with her boyfriend Jak. But actually this the worst decision that Megan's mother ever took, after a while things going bad, Jak instead sell Megan to a pimp name Leon, she was forced into sex trafficking. Megan forced to work as whore in a borthel and on street. This is the darkest life that Megan didn't ever imagine in her most horrifying nightmare.

Megan forced to do that even in inside she refuse to do that, she was regularly made to sleep with up to 50 men a day. Even she remember one day she had to service 110 men in 22 hours. In her book, titled "Bought and Sold" Megan told that since she was child she live with her mother. Her parents was divorce and this condition make she become fragile and need someone to hold on.  When she met Jak, she felt that she has found new life, she think she has found her true love. 

Sadly, Jak the one Megan love is an evil, he used her and take advantage of her love. He persuaded Megan to take a job in a bar to help Jak's mother who had cancer and need money for surgery, he said.  Jak lied to Megan and said she the only one who can help Jak and his mother, she was believe in him and do what Jak ask. But in reality, Jak sell her to a pimp, as a whore, what an evil he is. 

Megan said, "When I remember those time, i felt i am very angry and hate my self. I thought, my life will happier with him. But in reality, my life is ruined because of him. At that time I almost hopeless. I try to suicide so many times. I thought, I have meet people who really loves me. But it was not, he didn't love me at all. Some time I think, to take a decision is not easy. We have to do several considerations first. If I could, I really don't want to remember that horroble time. Blind love has make me hurt deeply and very dissapointed. 

Read the detail story in here

Megan was bought and sold by several traffickers for six years untill in 2009 she succeed to escape. She was found in critical condition after she try to kill herself  suicide. Thank God she was found by local people and bring her to hospital. And now, Megan has back and live in England. She is now living with her new boyfriend and live in the middle of her family that always protect her. What happen to Megan was a very horrify, she didn't expect get those nightmare in her real life. She forgot one thing at that time, she has to be careful to a stranger and she need to take more time and really recognize a man first before she fall in love. People can be fragile but they still have to aware and strong in the same time so that they still can think and make good decision and no one can take an advantage from them. And for parents, please take care of your children, don't let them make decision for them self without your consideration.  So be careful ladies. 

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