Trully Loyal and Clever Dog, Risked His Life and Do What People Won't Believe

A dog name Corbata is one of the most loyal dog in the world. He run away from a rehabilitation dog shelter in Uruguay, South America. That shelter is use to rehabilitate dogs which have behavior problem, dogs that aggresive or bad according to their owner opinion. Many dogs try to escape from this shelter for several reason. One of them is corbata that removed from his owner to this shelter, this loyal dog escape from the shelter and go walk for about 60 km to go back to his owner.

Corbata find the way back to his owner because he loves his owner so much. Corbata is owned by a woman name Etchepare. This dog is clever, he had plan to escape. One night when shelter guards were not watching, the dog escaped under the cover of night, and began to walk 37-mile or about 60 km to reunite with his owner. How come this dog remember the way back home, he is clever dog. After several days walking on the hot pavement and rough condition, his pads become thin. He became dehydrated and hungry after long walk in his three days journey, and also very exhausted. However, eventually he got what he set out to get, he reunite with his owner.

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Unfortunately corbata didn't get a welcome hug or a bowl of great food from his owner, because as he arrive to his owner home, the owner is take corbata and bring him back to the shelter, poor dog. What the dog do, three days journey walking for about 37-mile is wasted, the dog only get sadness and disappointment. The owner assume what corbata did is not a aprt of loyality but part of his bad attitude. The owner is blind indeed.

The owner respon to his loyal dog is make people angry, so that many people want to adopt corbata the loyal and clever dog. The people think that corbata is not worth to have such a bad owner like Etchepare who don't love and respect Corbata. Even the shelter was upset to corbata's owner, they think corbata is a good dog. What corbata did is show us what the meaning of "man best friend" in every sense of this words. He escape from shelter and did long journey for three days walking and risked his life to reunite with his owner. Corbata is trully loyal and clever dog.

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