Roger Federer, The Best Tennis Player in The World, The Still Playing Legend

Roger Federer (Photo from

Roger Federer is one of the most talented Tennis Player that ever exist. He is from Switzerland. He was born in August 08, 1981, in Basel, Switzerland, he is 34 years old now. He is the most  Grand Slam single titles in open era of tennis with 17 grandslams titles. Federer hold several record in open era tennis: he holding the world number 1 position in 302 weeks (including 237 consecutive weeks); he winning 17 single titles of Grand Slam; reaching each Grand SLam final at least 5 times (an all time record); and reaching the wimbledon finals ten times. Federer shares an Open Era record for most titles at Wimbledon with Pete Sampras (7) and at the US Open with Jimmy Connors and Sampras (5). 

He play tennis since such a young age. He make Swiss popular in tennis world. He is the still playing tennis legend. He has nick name FedEx, RF, PeRFect, etc. He has hugh number fans in the world, and they are loyal fans. Even Roger lost, they still support Federer. Many fans admire Federer because Federer is humble champion in the field or outside the field. He never show over reacted when he win match. He always respect to the opponent. Outside the field he always happy to meet his fans and also the journalists. 

He is married and have 3 children now. His wife is Mirka Vavrinec, former WTA player from swiss too. He are one of the most lucky people in the world who has double twins children. In 2009 he get twins children, both girls. And in 2014, he got twins children gain, this time both boys. What a lucky and busy guy to have double twins. Maybe this is make Federer more busy than the others tennis player. 

Now Federer is one of the oldest player in the field. And he's not the number player in the world and also not the most tittles winner in the world but he always the best player in the world of tennis and one of the legend of tennis.

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