How to Get Rid Stretch Mark with Natural Ingredients

Human skin is the outer shielded of our body. It protect us from any objects such as dust, water, dirt, germ, etc. Human skin is consists of 3 layers, which is outer layer called ephidermic, mid layer called dermic, and inner layer. When your skin suddenly stretching then it can make what we called "stretch mark". It happened because our collagen is damaged. The condition that can make stretch mark are pregnancy and fluctuation or change of body weight that suddenly happened.
Stretch mark can happened on belly, thigh or arm. It will ruin your body look. Here are some of natural ingredients that usefull to get rid stretch mark as release by  

Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is good for skin. Apply cocoa butter on stretch mark everyday at least for two months. Massage it gently to the skin for 10-15 minutes. Apply it along with wheat germ oil and vitamin E oil for better result. 

Egg White and Olive Oil
Egg white not only usefull for food, it also can use to get rid stretch mark. It because Egg white can increase the elastisity of skin. Apply it on stretch mark and leave it for  a while then wash it. After that apply olive oil to keep skin moisturized. Do it for a few weeks to get the result.

Castor Oil
Castor oil is good for skin too. This oil contain natural ingredient  that can produce collagen and increasing skin elastisity. Apply it and massage it in thse stretch mark at least for 15 minutes to see any result. It's ongoing result and need time to get the result. You can get the result imediately, need process and consistency.

Sugar the daily home ingredient to make everything sweet, it also can make stretch mark gone. Apply it by mix it with almond juice and lime, apply it in stretch mark and massage it every day to get the result. Stretch mark will fade after continuosly apply it.

Potato Juice
Potato is not only we eat as food like potato chips, but it usefull for our skin. Potato juice can get rid the stretch mark. Apply it everyday on stretch mark and it will make stretch mark lighter.

Alfalfa and Chamomile Oil
Make a mixture of alfalfa and chamomile oil as pasta, then apply it in stretch mark and massage it. It needs 2 or 3 times in a day to get rid the stretch mark.

Remember those ingredients have to apply to stretch mark everyday and need consistency in process to get the result. 

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