Stroke Attack Symptoms That We Have to Know

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Stroke is a disease that commonly strikes people above 60 years old, but lately it also strikes many people under 45 years old. Stroke now strikes younger people. Stroke usually arises in people who suffer hypertension.

Limp or Paralyzed on One Side of the Body
If suddenly you feel limp or don't feel anything on one side of your body particulary in leg or hand, this is usually the symptoms of stroke.
Another symptoms of stroke is if your face muscle is limp on one side.

Difficulty Speaking
Speaking ability is decrease and difficult to speak and say words is another stroke symptom. And also hard to understand what other people say. Doctor could found the severity of stroke attack by " Speaking Test".

Severe Headache
Severe Headache is commonly happen on Hemogaric Stroke attack, signed with the outbreak of one veins in brain. Hemogaric stroke is a condition that threatening human life and cause bigger disruption of the body and brain function, lose ability to swallow and speaking, lose memory and lose cognitif.

Vision Disorders
One of stroke symptom is vision disorders. If you vision suddenly blurred, you better watchout and check to doctor because maybe you get stroke attack. Stroke can cause blindness, total or mild. 

These four symptoms can arise together suddenly. If you get the four symptoms or less you better go to doctor or hospital as soon as possible. Time is important to help stroke attack. We have to be aware of stroke attack disease.
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