How To Eliminate Tartar Without Go to Doctor

Do you have plaque in your teeth? Many people have. Plaque long will be allowed to accumulate tartar, just brushing alone is not enough to remove tartar, unless you dare to pay expensive to go to the doctor. Fortunately, there are some cheaper and easier ways to eliminate tartar that you can practice at home right now before already severe.
Eliminate tartar is an ongoing process, at least be done once or twice a year. Here are some simple methods to remove plaque or tartar that you can do yourself at home:

1. Using Baking Soda (baking soda)

This method is one of the easiest ways to do. All you have to do is shed a bit of baking soda to a toothbrush that has been moistened with water, then do brush your teeth as usual. In addition you can also add natural sea salt to taste mixed with baking soda to add extra capability in removing tartar.

2. Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural substance of quintessence apples, which can be utilized to remove tartar. The trick is to soak the toothbrush in advance into apple cider vinegar before use. Acidity of apple cider vinegar is naturally capable of cleaning your teeth. After completion of brushing, do not forget to rinse the mouth and teeth clean to prevent damage to the enamel on the teeth.

3. Make Natural Toothpaste Plaque Remover

Take 4 tablespoons of sunflower seed fruit soft ground, 4 tablespoons of lime flour, one liter of water, and cook the mixture over low heat for 30 minutes. Use herbs such as toothpaste after meals.

4. Mechanical brushing teeth

Brushing teeth over and over - again not enough to remove tartar, if not done correctly. The best way to brush your teeth is a toothbrush with a tilt of 45 degrees, facing up to the upper teeth and facing down to the lower teeth. This enables the toothbrush to be concentrated and create greater pressure on the tooth area.
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