What Food Can Help Sleep Well?

Many People have sleep disorder. It often caused by stress and over tired. It begin with sleep not well, and if it continue it can be ended with insomnia. If people doesn't enough sleep, they will feel tired all day, not focus and it can make people get depress.

How to get sleep well all night? There are several things to do. First is the dress for sleep, sleep place condition, the bed condition, and also food. According to prevention.com, there are several food that can help people to sleep well.


Almond nutrition ingredient believed can hel to flex body muscles and nerve in brain that cause insomnia. A number of studies say that nutrition in almond can maintain stability of blood sugar level when people sleep. To get sleep well please consum almond at least 5 - 7 pcs every day


If you need sleep well and quality sleep every day, try to eat banana 2 or 3 hours before sleep. A banana rich of kalium, magnesium, and several minerals that can relaxing muscle when sleep. It because the nutrients that contained in it. This nutrients, in some studies, believed can help us to sleep well.

Boiled Eggs

One of the cause os sleep disorder is because body lack of protein. So, we need to get enough protein to have quality sleep. One of the protein source is egg. Eat boiled egg before sleep will help us to have quality sleep.


A cherry, who doesn't know it. Cherry is a small beautiful red fruit with great taste. Cherry has a lot benefit for health, it has become as one of food that can help people to have a good quality sleep. Drink a glass of cherry juice before sleep can make you sleepy and sleep sooner.

Those are some food that can help us sleep well and have a good quality sleep. Beside that we need exercise regulary and eat healthy food and not stress to easier get sleep and have good quality sleep.
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